Failure - Interactions

AP-story below is about    EAL 66 / 24Jun75; 
B727-225,   N8845E,  at JFK;  
crashed during
ILS Instrument approach to 22L,
through   TRW related wind shear.
"George Van Epps,  New York office,
 hired me at the NTSB.
He was a great and humble man.   He said,

'This job is easy
--all you have to do is   work hard
and    tell the truth.'

. . . an investigation must have:  
independence  and   integrity. . . .
Integrity speaks for itself.  
Without it,  true progress in accident investigation
and prevention   is not possible."

Comments by   Tom McCarthy,    Lederer Award Presentation,
_ISASI_ Proceedings_2007_, p9.

George Van Epps,    as lead investigator,     worked  multiple cases   at the same time.

AP-story below,  about the Continental B-707,  N70775,  22May62,  inflight-breakup  

(later concluded as a "crime"  of sabotage-bomb).

George Van Epps,    biography,

published   in his hometown newspaper.  

 This bio' was written  later in his long career, after  C.A.B. investigators had moved to the new "independent"  NTSB.

George Van Epps

Lead Investigator

New York   Office,   C.A.B.,

Aircraft Accident Investigation