"George Van Epps,  New York office,  hired me at the NTSB.
He was a great and humble man.   He said,

'This job is easy--all you have to do is work hard
and tell the truth.'

. . . an investigation must have:  
independence  and  integrity. . . .
Integrity speaks for itself.  
Without it,  true progress in accident investigation
and prevention   is not possible."

Comments by Tom McCarthy,    Lederer Award Presentation,
_ISASI_ Proceedings_2007_, p9.

George Van Epps,    biography,

published   in his hometown newspaper.  

 This bio' was written  later in his long career, after  C.A.B. investigators had moved to the new "independent"  NTSB.

Failure - Interactions

AP-story below is about    EAL 66 / 24Jun75; B727-225,   N8845E,  at JFK;  crashed during ILS Instrument approach to 22L,  through   TRW related wind shear.

George Van Epps,    as lead investigator,     worked  multiple cases   at the same time.

AP-story below,  about the Continental B-707,  N70775,  22May62,  inflight-breakup  

(later concluded as a "crime"  of sabotage-bomb).

George Van Epps

Lead Investigator

New York   Office,   C.A.B.,

Aircraft Accident Investigation