Failure - Interactions

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those  mishap-images  from March 1939.

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Press Coverage -- Varied Men

Strat', wreckage, nose-crown
Boeing 307 Strat', wreckage, Alder WA, March 1939

Boeing B307 

"Stratoliner"  NX19901
 Flt Test UPSET & Breakup  18Mar'39

March 18th, 1939, a new (straight wing, four engine prop) Boeing B307 "Stratoliner"   NX19901,  T/O BFI at 1256 hrs PST,   'Strat' Test #19 (though likely the16th flight test) ,  prototype aircraft crashed,  likely due to rudder locking full-over.  [Perhaps counter-intuitive, the failure-interaction results  in  YAW  INTO the operating engines.]    Mishap date Saturday, 18 March 1939,  accident occurred at 1:15 PM, near Alder WA.   Ten men killed.  CAA's ASB  sent investigators,  held public hearing, and published an AAR.   After initial slow-speed  upset yawing-rolling-dive, then recovery from spin,  aircraft finally suffered structural failure of Horizontal Stabilizer and outboard Wing sections,  during attempted pull-out from a steep dive.