Failure - Interactions

Rumors and Gossip

_AW&ST_  wisely refrained from reporting on the usual post-mishap rumors

The excerpts above are all from April '79 -- only three pages in two of the weekly  issues of that magazine.    _AWST_  printed nothing more  on this mishap-INVESTIGATION  ---  until  after  the second attempted "Sunshine Act" Board Meeting  on June 9th, 1981.

         The aircraft's

 <---    flight control System

    After Repair   of damage-ruptured  

            Hydraulic  line  at  Right Wheel Well

The Systems Group Report  documented a main  hydraulic-leak located at  the ruptured hydraulic line leading to the Hydraulic Cooling Coils in the #3 Main Tank  (Right Wing Tank).  This leak is also cited in the final AAR-81-8,  pg 7, last paragraph.

 [See hanging panel in the photo below, from _AWST_  on Apr'23rd'79.]

    North, David.      "Focus  Narrowing  in  TWA 727   Incident",  

                             _Aviation Week & Space Technology_.   110 (April 16, 1979),    28.  

Transcript contradicts this  report   that

   pilots  had deployed "Flaps"    before or

        during the  loss-of-Control:

Pilot's deposition,  pg 46-47, responding to  questions from  Fred Rathke (NTSB' CHI-Field Office):  

Q.  By Mr Rathke:  "During any portion of the flight,  except when you used the alternate flap extension   after you went through the maneuvers, was there,  to your knowledge,  any intentional  or unintentional   movement of any flap handle . . . ?"

A.  "No."

Deposition of H.G. Gibson, Apr 12, '79, Inglewood,CA. NTSB docket, 107pages.   

Note   the reporter's

<--   erroneous  suggestion of

a  nose-down  


_AW&ST_,  as of April 23rd,  was still reporting  that   investigators  were focusing on

"a Flight Controls malfunction".

 Ferry-Flight done on April 16th, 1979.

The  #7-Slat  was  only one of the seventy two  damaged components.

Inboard Flap Track damaged when the RHS-MLG over-extended:

The Flap Track "Canoe" Fairing  had separated,   and was found on the ground,   near a section of the #7-Slat  

(Two important  components  in the mile-long Trail of Debris).

Right Main Landing Gear damage:

    Drag Link,      Side Brace,  

 allowing the Gear-strut to "caster".

Excerpts from _AW&ST_,   April 23rd'79,    pg 29.

           "Pilot  Describes  727  Spiral  Incident",    Aviation Week & Space Technology_.   110  (April 23, 1979),    29.  

NTSB's   "Depositional  Proceeding",

  of  April 12th,  1979,   in Inglewood, Ca.

    Excerpts,      "Pilot  Describes  727  Spiral  Incident",

                             _Aviation Week & Space Technology_.   110  (April 16, 1979),    29.  

Aviation Week  &  Space Technology

Reports  on    TWA 841    of April 4th '79:

_Av-Week_   printed reports on the mishap-aircraft,   crew testimony during the NTSB's depositional proceeding, and the NTSB's  investigation.   During April 1979, two issues of _Av-Week_  included reporting on the  TWA841 incident  (later to be reclassified as an "accident").    Excerpts below are  from two-pages (28 &29)  from the issue dated April 16th,   and one report printed on pg 29 of the April 23rd'79 issue.