Failure - Interactions

Dutch - Roll 

B-707  Mishaps:    early  INVESTIGATIONS

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 AA514/ 15 Aug 1959,   B707-123, N7514A,

Engine-Out,     Crew Training,

Yaw  x  Roll   Upset,    Loss of Control     LoC-I
3 NE of   Peconic River  Airport,    Calverton,
Long Island,   New York        (fatal).

Boeing  /   19 Oct 1959,  B707-227,  N7071,

C/N 17691,  Line #45;  acceptance-flight and customer-crew training,  

violent-recovery from Dutch Roll,   separation of 3 engines,

FIRE  inside wing trailing edge structure,   

forced  ditching-crash-landing  in

North Fork of the  Stillaguamish  River,  

near Oso, Washington.  (Fatal.)

AA 1502 /  28 Jan 1961     B707-123    N7502A,


 c/n  17629,   Loss-of-Control  [LoC],   crashed into sea   near Amagansett,   offshore  (Napaquogue Beach),    west-SW of Montauk Point,

 eastern Long Island, NY.    (Fatal)

Sabena  /  15 Feb 1961    Boeing 703-329,   OO-SJB,

   Accident at Berg,  2 km northeast of the threshold of Runway 20 at

                               Brussels National Airport,   Belgium,   on 15 February 1961.

 During approach- Go-around,   climbing  steep-turns.  

                                              Loss-of-Control (LoC);   rolling- dive- impact;

                ICAO's  AAD # 13,     pgs 43-5,    "The Brussels Tragedy." 

  Air France   /   27Jul61   B707-328,   F-BHAS,

  T/O accident on Rwy-23 at  Hamburg, Germany;

                      loss of directional-control:     during T/O roll,   veered left,  

    Right Rudder Pedal felt jammed,    RTO,     yawing moment persisted,

         NLG-wheels/tires separated,

               Navigator fell forward into Center Pedestal,

                          Runway Excursion,  off-side.

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