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"Pink":   abreviated PNC,   Procedural Non-Compliance.       NTSB  staff-managers'   repeated  "pink"  blocked   retraction    of AAR-81-8 for decades.  

     "Board Members"  have delegated  any "oversight"  duties   to those  staff-managers -- while preaching to  airline pilots  -- against  PNC .

           Dec' 24th 2015:  latest revision to   NTSB  "Rules of Practice"    failed to correct these  built-in   organizational-weaknesses,

                    and  further confused   the mixed-up   "safeguards"  of  Special Board of Inquiry ,  with their new-845.5  Board of Inquiry,  and changed  rule-numbers.

      _AW&ST_, Oct' 15,  1990,  p34.

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Yorke's  Analysis

The process of    Boeing's  Conjecture   and

  Yorke's  Refutation        

Perhaps Future revisions   of 

 Ntsb's  rule 845.41-

"Petitions for Reconsideration"

should employ   a  fresh- review

by such a foreign  investigating authority

    Acknowledging   bias:
           one  USA  mishap investigation 

                         was    transferred   to TSB / canada:


        ERA12RA367A   . . .   collided in flight in the vicinity of Sumerduck, Virginia. . . .  Under the provisions of Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and by mutual agreement,   the United States delegated the accident investigation to the government of Canada.   The NTSB designated an accredited representative to the investigation on behalf of the United States, and the FAA designated an advisor to the accredited representative.

The investigation was conducted by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada  under its statutes.  

A review of this  investigation,  delegated   to a different country's  "investigating authority",  was presented by  Jon Lee,  at ISASI's  Vancouver gathering in 2013:

       Delegating Full Investigative Authority to a Foreign Agency

Learmount, D.  "Fragile credibility: Accident investigations ... should strive for  ... objectivity ...Flight Int'l  (26March - 1April, 2002),  5.

"Changing the Past ... investigations reports ... should be revised."  Flight International (1-7October 2002), 3.    \\ - 2879.html?search=Changing the Past   

   In Keeping with a cooperative- spirit 

           needed to preserve their status in  foreign  investigations, 

     USA's  NTSB   did bow   to requests  (from   DGCA  and  BEA)  

            to revise  their AAR on the Roselawn upset-impact,  

                   and did revise their AAR on UA811-Door lock-interactions.

The  USA's   "independent"   Safety Board

  failed to respond:

The NTSB AAR-81-8  was never retracted,  

no errata-sheets were ever published

The NTSB   refused to comply  with  Petition-process prescribed  in their
        Major Investigations Manual,  Section 4.15,  Appdx Q, and in Board Order 600A.

Board Members proved ineffective  in  their oversight  of NTSB-staff, 
     unable to distinguish between the IIC's  favored rumor, his pet  inferences, and  "fact": 
          Board Members proved   unable  to recognize and reject   Scientific Misconduct.
               Without some future  outside-intervention
                              the Petition "process"   will remain unworkable.

NTSB-  staff-management  was,   and still is,   able to BLOCK  any  845.41- Petition, 
       while the politically appointed  Board Members  remain ignorant of staff-misconduct.

Some credit goes to  The Boeing Company --  their tight control  of  some    investigations,  subtly stacking-the-deck,    has   been impressive to all investigators.

Steenblik, J.W.   "A New Look at TWA Flight 841:   With ... new analysis,   ALPA petitions  NTSB   to revise ... report on the B-727 spiral dive in 1979."           _Air Line Pilot_ .   60:1 (January 1991),   24-27.

Yorke's Analysis

Acknowledged as

"Received" by the NTSB

on Oct' 9th, 1990, 

and  received by all Parties.

Oct' 1990 alpa-Petition against NTSB AAR 81-8