Failure - Interactions

This  historic  documentary,

   "The Plane that Fell from the Sky",

was  not available  for decades

      from 1980's into  the 2000's.

Suddenly it became  easily viewed,  on YouTube.

Then,  in 2018,  just as suddenly,  

       this video  was   blocked  on  YouTube.

Paul and Holly Fine (producers) : 

  their  work is  available on   Vimeo

"Central to the drama   is the persisting dispute   over why  the incident occurred in the first place.    

 What is  undisputed   is that the plane was thrown into its spiraling dive  by a slat . . . ."

[Dick Witkin's  review   of the   CBS Reports   TV-documentary,    New York Times,  July 14, 1983,   p C22.]

This   "THUD" noise,     or   

"a   popping   sound" 

 were mentioned  in several of the earliest reports  from crew and pax describing  their INITIAL upset.

 [These sounds are typical of

        engine compressor-stall,

               during  beta (sideslip angle).]

   "A   buffeting    and  

                     a   THUD  noise . . ."

   Item  for  investigators  and students:  

No NTSB  Go-Team   was ever sent to DTW.          

   No  Board Member   was ever assigned to this case.  

Four excerpts  from "The Flight" section:   PDF-version 843KB

of the _Livingston Award_ winning feature,

Bissinger's   "The Plane that Fell from the Sky"    

FAA Form 3112's

Not Disclosed until            Jan'  17th  1980

Thursday Afternoon April 5th, 1979

   An NTSB employee,  Fred Rathke,  from the CHI- Field Office       interviewed mishap-pilots.  

                           Then First Press interview.

1am    Interview

Airport Hilton Hotel,

Room  342.


Earliest Reports

Jim McIntyre's   first report  on the  mysterious   upset  - DIVE -  pullout -   Divert to DTW.

B-727     N840TW     Mysterious  upset - DIVE

 news  from     first week    of   April  1979 

_ALP_ Oct-81_pg-10_col-A
Magazine's introduction, photocopy Excerpt, from _Airline Pilot_
Oct' 1990 alpa-Petition against NTSB AAR 81-8
CBS Reports : July 14 1983 : "The Plane that Fell From the Sky"; produced by Holly Fine.
NY Times review of the _CBS_Reports_ documentary

Lessons   from   the Boeing-led


of a typical  "mysterious"  airliner   inflight   upset
Night   FL390     CRZ     Yaw x Roll = DIVE
B727 N840TW,  TWA 841  /   Wednesday  4Apr'79 at  2150 EST  over Saginaw