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Lavelle, Mike .   "Boeing Model 307 Stratoliner: A Culmination of the 1930s Commercial Aircraft Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing Progress."    47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting,   HIS-1: Aerodynamics and Design History,   Wednesday, 7 January 2009, 0900 hrs.  [pdf,  55 pages, 2.2MB]

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Best photo of   a  B307   original  designed  empennage.

Photo:  #3 and #4 engine-propellers stopped.

TEST # THREE    of    31-Dec’ 1938:

First Flight away from a runway.   
Same crew as on test #1,    except not Price.   
T/O Gwt =   32,000 Lbs.   
Planned test for directional stability on ground.   
Time from brake release to airborne was 9 seconds,  

           flight then continued  due to limited runway remaining.

 Attempted to retract Landing Gear,  but the Tail Wheel failed to retract.   

Pilot's comments from his report, 
              "Good rolling moment due to yaw."

Test # FOUR    done     4-Jan’ 1939:   

Taxi testing focused on brake pressures and temperature.   
Flt time =   1hr 48 minutes;    logged engine time as 3 hrs.   

Crew was   
 Allen,   Barr,    Ferguson,   West,   Cram,   Jewett,   Anderson.  

At T/O Gwt of 37,000 Lbs,  T/O distance was 800 feet into a light SSE wind of 3 mph;

   after tracking 2300 feet along and above runway   the height was 100 feet,   using 1100 hp.   

Tested Rudder with asymmetric thrust,    one engine "throttled",    and recorded Beta.  

Item H of pilot's report mentions that    #1 and #2 Engines were "throttled",

         states that pilot employed Rudder to keep Beta = 0, 
 —  recording pedal-force of 40 Lbs needed at airspeed of 100 mph;
 —  and      100 Lbs of pedal-force   needed at airspeed of     80 mph.

Pilot included comments about "flying qualities"  in his report Item L.

Test # FIVE   done   11-Jan' 1939,     from 12 noon to 3:30 pm.
T/O Gwt =   40,000 Lbs.   
Comments from pilot   state that   testing of Rudder   with an engine failure at Takeoff,

               the Rudder was   inadequate   at low speed.

Test # ONE    accomplished on   30-Dec’ 1938:  

Engine time recorded was 55 minutes,  taxiing time was 30 minutes.   

Comments from pilot's report, item C, 
"Control was good except for the Rudder which has not yet been adequately tested."     

Crew aboard:   Eddie Allen,   Ferguson,   West,   Barr,   Price,   Gaylord.

Test # TWO    done on    31-Dec’ 1938:  

Engine time logged as 45 minutes, taxi time was 35 minutes.   

Much effort spent recording brake temperatures during taxi tests.  

Three short intervals of flight above runway:  
         12.5 seconds,   18.5 s,   and 13 seconds;  
            done at speeds of 70 - 80 mph.

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